About the area

Mountain Shores is located in the Kootenay Lake Valley, in the Central Kootenay Region of British Columbia. This area is off the beaten path, and is still pristine and relatively undeveloped.

The valley's mountains are thickly forested, and the area is categorized as an Interior Rain Belt. This makes for a mild climate, where the lake remains ice free all year.

Whether you choose to hike, golf, kayak, or just relax on a beach, you'll find yourself surrounded by inspiring, natural beauty.

At either end of the lake you will find wetlands: Crawford Bay and on the Creston side, the 7000 hectare Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area. These areas host over 260 species of migrating and nesting birds - even wild swans and pelicans! This is truly a birders and photographers paradise. Keep your eyes open and perhaps you'll spot a lake otter, moose, elk, bear, coyote, or bighorn sheep!

The 35 minute ferry crossing between Kootenay Bay and Balfour is the longest free ferry crossing in the world! The Ministry of Highways operates the ferries, with the new Osprey 2000 ferry running year round and the Balfour ferry also runs in the summer months.

This rich area is filled with great walking and hiking trails. There are easy day hikes and more demanding areas, like on the East shore where there are trails that will get you up in the mountains where you will get a real taste of Kootenay wilderness.

Of course there are lots of trails for mountain biking, or if you prefer road bikes, there are miles of winding pavement to ride.

Find serenity at the Yasodhara Ashram, with it's extensive grounds, bookstore and Temple.

Take a journey through the past at the Riondel Museum. In Crawford Bay visit the Harrison Memorial Church and take the Wedgwood Manor Tour. Not far from Kootenay Bay are the Pilot Bay Smelter ruins and Lighthouse; Pilot Bay was the site of a thriving town 100 years ago.

Whether it's a drive down the lake to Creston or a ferry ride across the lake, or perhaps something more local, there is no shortage of sights to take in. Here are a few suggestions for you:

Take the Gray Creek Service Road into the high country, where you can visit a mountain lake and alpine flower meadows with only a short walk from your car. Continue on over the mountain pass and visit the Bavarian style towns of St Marys and Kimberley in the East Kootenays.

Visit The Glass House in Boswell, a one-of-a-kind building; it's walls are made completely of embalming fluid bottles! Something novel you just have to see for yourself, it's been featured on CBC Radio's Basic Black show, by host Arthur Black.


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