Incredible Fishing


Sports Fishing on Kootenay Lake is an adventure in the making. Hook onto a Rainbow (including the world famous Gerrard), Dolly Varden (Bull trout), and Kokanee in one of nature's most beautiful settings.

When you are out on the water, don't be surprised to find yourself the only boater visible: Kootenay lake is massive - about 144 km long, with an average width of 4 km, and is 8 km (5 miles) across at its widest. It's shear size makes for endless points of discovery, as well as amazing fishing adventures. The lake is fed by numerous creeks and its shores possess hundreds of tiny bays and beaches, these areas make for intriguing to explore by kayak or canoe.

The water here is pure enough to drink straight from the lake, and provides a stable home for Kokanee salmon (a land-locked sockeye), Sturgeon, Dolly Varden and trout, including the world's largest species, the Gerrard Rainbow.

Some of the world's largest Dollys, Rainbows Trout live here and catching one of these trophy fish is every fisherman's dream. The lake has three main seasons, spring, summer and winter. This ice free lake provides great fishing year round, with the prime season for big fish being October through March.

Kootenay Lake is not limited to trawling, there is excellent fly fishing here too!

Great Fishing Great Fishing Great Fishing